Room Addition

There are many reasons for adding on to your home: new baby, combining families, a home office or an exercise room.  Whatever the need, SoCal Builders and Designs are ready to help!  And the great thing about choosing us for your room addition is that we are an all in one builder.  We not only help you find the right layout, help find the building and zoning regulations and permits that are needed, but we also do all the electrician, plumbing and finishing work that is needed to complete the job!  No outside contractors.  This means tight communication and quality work EVERY TIME!  We will help you find the right paint, the right room accessories to make your new room addition shine.

Not all room additions are a guaranteed equity builder.  SoCal Builders will help guide you in your room addition so that you get maximum enjoyment as well as the right build to add value to your home.  We do enclosed patios, garage conversions and room extensions.  Wouldn’t it be great to have your own home gym or a bigger family room for entertaining?  Need a formal dining room?  SoCal Builders is ready to get you started a new room adventure.  Call us today!