I hated my bathroom.  It was so outdated and boring, but I really didn’t have the money to replace the entire bathroom.  So Cal Builders worked with me and helped me find a design that fit my budget and made my bathroom pretty.  I love spending time in there now!

 Crystal M.  -  West Hills



I had always wanted a fancy brick walkway.  We had an opportunity to buy our first home and the walkway was not only drab, but in really bad shape.  This was my big chance! But where to go and could we afford it…..then I came across So Cal Builders and Designs.  These guys are AWESOME! They worked with my budget and we settled on a design that looked amazing.  The investment was worth it and my new home is starting to really take shape. 

Carlos P.  – Canoga Park



Calling these guys will be the best thing you ever did!!!!!

Peter G.  – Encino



When I first remodeled my home, the company I used was awful.  They used 4 different contractors for each fix.   There was no communication; nothing was done as I wanted it.  And that is why I was shopping for another remodel.  So Cal restored my faith in the construction industry.  They did all the work themselves, listened to what I wanted and worked closely with me.  I felt little stress and I absolutely LOVE the remodel.

Thank you so much So Cal!

Beth M. – North Hollywood